Jane Cracknell

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BACKGROUND Evidence-based decision making relies on easy access to trustworthy research results. The Cochrane Library is a key source of evidence about the effect of interventions and aims to "promote the accessibility of systematic reviews to anyone wanting to make a decision about health care". We explored how health professionals found, used and(More)
IMPLICATIONS This article illustrates the basic principles of evidence-based medicine and the work within the Cochrane Collaboration and the Cochrane Anesthesia Review Group. It describes how important randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews are in providing the best evidence to answer clinically relevant questions.
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Acute hiccup is a minor complication that can occur during sedation or general anaesthesia. The disorder can disturb the surgical field, might interfere with lung ventilation or could hamper diagnostic procedures. The objective was to perform a systematic search for interventions aimed at treating hiccup occurring during anaesthesia(More)
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