Jane Coughlan

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The elicitation or communication of user requirements comprises an early and critical but highly error-prone stage in system development. Socially oriented methodologies provide more support for user involvement in design than the rigidity of more traditional methods, facilitating the degree of user–designer communication and the ‘capture’ of requirements.(More)
The gathering of stakeholder requirements comprises an early, but continuous and highly critical stage in system development. This phase in development is subject to a large degree of error, influenced by key factors rooted in communication problems. This pilot study builds upon an existing theory-based categorisation of these problems through presentation(More)
Obesity is a major health concern caused by unhealthy eating behaviors. Digital weight loss interventions have adopted mobile technology primarily in order to support self-monitoring. However, many available apps are not designed as a part of dietetic practice; therefore, a distinct gap in the research exists relating to technology that supports the(More)
BACKGROUND Educational multimedia has been designed to provide surgical trainees with expert operative information outside of the operating theater. The effectiveness of multimedia (e.g., CD-ROMs) for learning has been a common research topic since the 1990s. To date, however, little discussion has taken place on the mechanisms to evaluate the quality of(More)
This research seeks to investigate continuance usage of electronic word of mouth (e-WOM) in two online communities from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. In particular, these online communities have become channels for members to exchange and interact with information online in Middle East cultures, where online forum communities are prevalent among Arabic internet(More)
E-commerce is becoming more widespread as its ability being recognize to rapidly respond to requests and as more products and services become available. At the present time, only human beings are able to understand the services and product information published online. This cause unnecessary delay in decision making and increase the efforts of humans. In(More)
Collaboration within an organisation can be said to be subject to the effective management of relationships. This study focuses on one such relationship, that between the business and IT sides of an organisation, which need to communicate and coordinate their activities for the successful development of working systems. The management of this key(More)
The work envisions current scenarios of developing countries. Unfortunately the developing countries are going through a very critical time, facing terrorism, bomb blasts; strikes have impacted the sellers, the buyers, and the business adversely. People are reluctant to go out for shopping etc. Furthermore Life is moving at a fast pace, and we rarely get(More)