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Rapid creation of new services for telecommunications systems is hindered by the feature interaction problem. This is an important issue for development of IN services, not only because of interactions among IN services themselves but because of interactions of IN services with switch-based services and potential interactions with services not yet(More)
BACKGROUND "Smoke-Free" legislation prohibiting smoking in all enclosed public places was introduced in March 2006. This qualitative study presents insights from bar workers about their observations of the changing social bar environment, changing patrons' behaviours and challenges bar workers have faced in managing smoke-free legislation. METHODS Twelve(More)
Some of the major difficulties in developing practical tools using formal methods to analyze and manage feature interactions include: • the significant upfront investment that is required to develop and verify a formal model for the AIN architecture before any interaction analysis can be carried out • the time consuming process of formally specifying a(More)
New Zealand's 'Navigator Network' is a national scanning network of scientists providing 'early alert' advice about emerging areas of science and technology. It has been established by the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology (MoRST) to build the government's readiness to respond to the opportunities and risks around new technologies and includes(More)
The knowledge of metabolic profile of synthetic cannabinoids is important for the detection of drugs in urinalysis due to the typical absence or low abundance of parent cannabinoids in human urine. The fungus Cunninghamella elegans has been reported to be a useful tool for metabolism study and thus applicability to synthetic cannabinoid metabolism was(More)
This paper argues that The way in which we deal with software products is itself a major inhibitor on the road to increased productivity, flexibility and reduced time to market. The reuse of software components must be encouraged. Component specifications need to be published widely, the components themselves need to be accessible. Tools need to be put in(More)