Jane B. Singer

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Chromosomal region 68D/E is required for various aspects of Drosophila gut development; within this region maps the Brachyury homolog T-related gene (Trg), DNA of which rescues the hindgut defects of deficiency 68D/E. From a screen of 13,000 mutagenized chromosomes we identified six non-complementing alleles that are lethal over deficiencies of 68D/E and(More)
The Drosophila embryonic hindgut is a robust system for the study of patterning and morphogenesis of epithelial organs. We show that, in a period of about 10 h, and in the absence of significant cell division or apoptosis, the hindgut epithelium undergoes morphogenesis by changes in cell shape and size and by cell rearrangement. The epithelium concomitantly(More)
This article is a contribution to the debate on audience participation in online media with a twofold aim: (1) making conceptual sense of the phenomenon of participatory journalism in the framework of journalism research, and (2) determining the forms that it is taking in eight European countries and the United States. First, participatory journalism is(More)
By differential screening of a genomic library, we have cloned a gene expressed specifically during the blastoderm stage of Drosophila embryogenesis. Northern blot analysis and in situ hybridization to embryos reveal that the transcript is maximally expressed during the late syncytial blastoderm stage, disappears rapidly during the cellular blastoderm stage(More)
This article explores implications of the transition to an environment in which users have become secondary gatekeepers of the content published on media websites. This expanded user role, facilitated by technology and enabled by digital news editors, includes assessment of contributions by other users; communication of the perceived value or quality of(More)
Pharmacogenetic association studies have the potential to identify variations in DNA sequence which impact drug response. Identifying these DNA variants can help to explain interindividual variability in drug response; this is the first step in personalizing dosing and treatment regimes to a patient's needs. There are many intricacies in the design and(More)
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