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Media and research reports point to the issue of privacy as the key to understanding online behaviour and experience. Yet it is well recognized within privacy-advocacy circles that 'privacy' is a loose concept encompassing a variety of meanings. In this article we view privacy as mediating between individuals and their online activities, not standing above(More)
Progression to hormone-refractory disease is a common outcome of human prostate cancer. In this study, we have investigated the basis of androgen insensitivity in the human prostate cancer cell line, PC-3, which was derived from a bone metastasis of a hormone-refractory prostate cancer. PC-3 cells with virtually undetectable (PC-3AR-) or low (PC-3AR+)(More)
Little is known regarding the activity and function of the androgen receptor (AR) in human breast cancer. In the present study AR was evaluated in untreated primary breast cancers using antisera to the amino- and carboxy-termini of the receptor and quantitated using colour video image analysis. A strong correlation between tissue concentration and(More)
ACCESS The creation of public internet access facilities is one of the principal policy instruments adopted by governments in addressing 'digital divide' issues. The lack of plans for ongoing funding, in North America at least, suggests that this mode is regarded mainly as transitional, with private, home-based access being perceived as superior. The(More)
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