Jandria Alexander

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Fifty patients undergoing transurethral resection of the prostate were studied for evidence of glycine absorption and haemodilution. Plasma glycine levels increased substantially in nine patients and, in five, calculated irrigant fluid absorption ranged from 619-1582 ml; another patient had absorbed 1360 ml fluid with only a small rise in plasma glycine.(More)
Cardiac rhythm was monitored in 219 patients who had ocular operations under general anaesthesia and in 15 patients who had cataract surgery under local analgesia. Of these, 140 were children having squint surgery. The high incidence of the oculo-cardiac reflex and the adequate protective effect of atropine 0-01 mg/kg given intravenously was confirmed.(More)
Two hundred and three male patients undergoing oral surgery were monitored for abnormalities of cardiac rhythm. Eight per cent of a smaller number of patients (seventy-six) developed ectopic rhythms during induction of anaesthesia and in half of all patients nodal rhythm was seen. Twenty-three per cent developed ectopic rhythms in response to surgery. In(More)
The antipyretic activity of diclofenac sodium, 100 mg suppository was studied retrospectively in 21 applications in seven intensive care patients. Diclofenac sodium proved to be a very potent antipyretic agent with serious side effects. Acute oliguria and protracted circulatory shock occurred after administration, necessitating the administration of(More)
Six Engström Elsa anaesthetic machines have been in regular use for 18-24 months. The machine incorporates a number of new concepts for anaesthetic delivery and monitoring. At flows below 1000 ml/minute, each machine delivered 20% more than the indicated value; at higher flows, the indicated value was within 10% of the flow delivered. Minute volume, tidal(More)
A number of authors have described the advantages of the knee-chest position for operations on lumbar intervertebral discs (Lipton 1950; Taylor, Gleadhill, Bilsland and Murray 1956; Wayne 1967). Wayne listed the advantages as simplicity of positioning, ease of maintenance of good ventilation, avoidance of epidural venous engorgement, excellent exposure of(More)
The study deals with one aspect of cost benefit analysis of infection control, namely the measurement of extra costs incured by patients who acquired nosocomial infections (NI) in intensive care units (ICU). The consequences of NI are expressed in terms of length of stay, extra drug and antibiotic costs, extra sterile supply used and mortality. Infected(More)
The haemodynamic basis for paradoxical embolization in patients with stroke and decompression sickness has not yet been fully elucidated. Therefore right and left atrial pressures were measured simultaneously with peroperatively placed catheters after coronary artery bypass grafting in 17 patients with sinus rhythm and normal left ventricular function.(More)
An elderly woman developed acute respiratory obstruction after choking on a bolus of food. On rigid bronchoscopy no foreign body, or anatomical obstruction was seen, but airway obstruction recurred during emergence from general anaesthesia, and was thought to be functional in nature. A recurring airway obstruction followed, relieved by induction of(More)