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A dual-channel, IF sampling receiver IC with fast RSSI and AGC is described. The ADC samples with only 200 femto second aperture jitter and is used to digitize intermediate frequencies (IFs) up to 250 MHz. A companion digital filter and mixer processor provides 1657 MOPs; together they provide a flexible platform for use in a new generation of digital(More)
In this paper we evaluate the Reticle Defect Review feature on KLA-Tencor's e-beam review tool, eDR™-7110, and study defect printability of reticle defects on wafer. The RDR feature is able to read KLA-Tencor's reticle inspection results directly without any intermediate format, thus allowing what-you-see-is-what-you-get setup on the wafer review(More)
In this paper we will demonstrate a systematic approach to significantly improve and sustain a large fleet of thickness metrology tools being used for several advanced nodes and products including 10/7nm at GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab8 site. This challenge is compounded due to having multiple platforms of tools in the same fleet (heterogeneous tool matching) —(More)
Controlling thickness and composition of gate stack layers in logic and memory devices is critical to ensure transistor performance meets requirements, especially at 10nm node due to the 3-d geometry of devices and tight process budget. It has become necessary to measure and control each layer in the gate stack before and after dielectric and metal gate(More)
Several focus monitoring methods for high volume manufacturing (HVM) have been developed to improve general tool stability maintenance, fleet matching and focus uniformity on product. One technique involving the usage of diffractive gratings requires special targets that need to be designed and optimized at the individual mask level, which will increase the(More)
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