Janardhan Pandey

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Iron deficiency occurs when the rate of loss of utilization exceeds its assimilation. Treatment is based on iron supplementation but due to side effects compliance to iron therapy is poor. A double blind comparative study was done using a novel time release preparation of ferrous sulphate (Code A) v.s. sustained release ferrous sulphate preparation (Code B)(More)
Sulfhemoglobinemia and Methemoglobinemia are common causes of cyanosis arising due to accumulation of abnormal heme pigment. We present an unusual case of congenital sulfhemoglobinemia along with diarrhoea induced methemo-globinemia in a neonate. A high index of suspicion and a proper diagnostic approach is needed to determine the true frequency of their(More)
HIV screening of all donated blood is mandatory in India. The program instituted has many inherent lacunac like arbitrary identification of centres, absence of a guardian quality control program, criterion for test kit selection and absence of standard guidelines. This study was undertaken to evaluate the effects of frequent change of testing laboratory,(More)