Janara Furtado

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Previous brain infarctions seen on CT are common in the absence of history of stroke. Eleven percent of patients (135/1,203) without stroke history had ischemic lesions on their first CT, unrelated to the presenting stroke. Stroke Data Bank files were reviewed to determine whether the occurrence, location, and CT characteristics of those lesions are(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE The effect of daily prenatal and postnatal vitamin supplementation on concentrations of breast milk nutrients is not well characterized in HIV-infected women. We examined the impact of vitamin supplementation during pregnancy and lactation on breast milk concentrations of retinol, carotenoids and tocopherols during the first year(More)
BACKGROUND Maffucci syndrome, a congenital mesodermal dysplasia characterized by multiple enchondromas and hemangiomas, was first described in 1881, and 200 cases have been reported in the literature since then. Its etiology is unknown, there is no predilection for race or sex, and the development of lesions usually occurs in puberty. The risk of(More)
The authors report two cases of Adams-Oliver syndrome in 2-year-old children characterized by aplasia cutis congenita and terminal congenital abnormalities of the limbs. The diagnosis was made at birth and the aplasia cutis was associated with extensive skull defects, exposing the dural sinuses. The differences between the two patients were essentially the(More)
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