Janapareddy Vijaya Bhaskara Rao

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The production of H2O2 by cells in cold paraformaldehyde-fixed frozen sections of inflammatory lesions was histochemically demonstrated by incubating them with diaminobenzidine (DAB) for 2 to 6 h. Catalase (150 micrograms/ml, about 1400 U/ml) inhibited the reaction, indicating that H2O2 was required to produce the chromogenic DAB product. Granulocytes (PMNs(More)
Lead poisoning is a common occupational health hazard in developing countries. We report the varied clinical presentation, diagnostic and management issues in two adult patients with lead encephalopathy. Both patients worked in a battery manufacturing unit. Both patients presented with seizures and one patient also complained of abdominal colic and(More)
Opercular myoclonic-anarthric status epilepticus (OMASE) is an uncommon disorder of diverse etiology. This condition is characterized by fluctuating cortical dysarthria associated with epileptic myoclonus involving glossopharyngeal musculature bilaterally. We report two cases of OMASE of vascular etiology in adults. In both patients, ictally clonic(More)
The operation of chemical processes often involves controlled, discrete transitions between multiple, continuous modes of operation in order to handle, for example, changes in raw materials, energy sources, product specifications and market demands. The superposition of discrete events on the continuous process dynamics gives rise to a hybrid system(More)
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