Jananee Magar

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BACKGROUND There is a large burden of psychological distress in low and middle-income countries, and culturally relevant interventions must be developed to address it. This requires an understanding of how distress is experienced. We conducted a qualitative grounded theory study to understand how mothers experience and manage distress in Dhanusha, a(More)
Serum levels of beta-N-Acetyl Hexosaminidase (beta-NAH) provide information on the normal non-phagocytic function of Kupffer cells in the liver. Beta-NAH can thus be used as an indicator for non-parenchymal non-phagocytic liver cell function, whereas most of the more routine liver function tests measure hepatocytic status or function. Serum beta-NAH(More)
BACKGROUND Service user and caregiver involvement has become an increasingly common strategy to enhance mental health outcomes, and has been incorporated in the mental healthpolicies of many developed nations. However, this practice is non-existent or fragmented in low and middle income countries (LMICs). Instances of service user and caregiver involvement(More)
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