Janak Ramakrishnan

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Tracer enrichment data are fitted by multicompartmental models to estimate rate constants and fluxes or transport rates. In apolipoprotein turnover studies, mass measurements are also available, for example, apolipoprotein B levels in very low-density lipoprotein, intermediate-density lipoprotein, and low-density lipoprotein, and are often essential to(More)
We give necessary and sufficient conditions on a non-oscillatory curve in an o-minimal structure such that, for any bounded definable function, there exists a definable closed set containing an initial segment of the curve on which the function is continuous. This question is translated into one on types: What are the conditions on an n-type such that, for(More)
A proper elementary extension of a model is called small if it realizes no new types over any finite set in the base model. We answer a question of Marker, and show that it is possible to have an o-minimal structure with a maximal small extension. Our construction yields such a structure for any cardinality. We show that in some cases, notably when the base(More)
Types in o-minimal theories We extend previous work on classifying o-minimal types, and develop several applications. Marker developed a dichotomy of o-minimal types into " cuts " and " noncuts, " with a further dichotomy of cuts being either " uniquely " or " non-uniquely realizable. " We use this classification to extend work by van den Dries and Miller(More)
Tracer studies are analyzed almost universally by multicompartmental models where the state variables are tracer amounts or activities in the different pools. The model parameters are rate constants, defined naturally by expressing fluxes as fractions of the source pools. We consider an alternative state space with tracer enrichments or specific activities(More)
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