Janaine C Carvalho

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Rats raised in small litters (SL) are obese and hyperphagic. In the present study, we evaluated whether obesity is associated with changes in the mesocorticolimbic dopaminergic reward system in these animals at adulthood. We also assessed the anti-obesity effects of dietary calcium supplementation. To induce early overfeeding, litters were adjusted to three(More)
In humans, bromocriptine (BRO) is used as a treatment for many disorders, such as prolactinomas, even during pregnancy and lactation. Previously we demonstrated that maternal BRO treatment at the end of lactation programs offspring for obesity and several endocrine dysfunctions. Here, we studied the long-term effects of direct BRO injection in neonatal(More)
Previously, we demonstrated that maternal prolactin inhibition at the end of lactation, using bromocriptine (BRO), leads to an increase in leptin transfer via milk and induces the adult progeny to present hypothyroidism, leptin resistance and metabolic syndrome (obesity, hyperglycemia, hypertriglyceridemia, lower HDL). To test if these alterations are due(More)
Astrocytes and microglia, the immune competent cells of central nercous system, can be activated in response to metabolic signals such as obesity and hyperleptinaemia. In rats, maternal exposure to nicotine during lactation leads to central obesity, hyperleptinaemia, leptin resistance and alterations in hypothalamic neuropeptides in the offspring during(More)
Smoking has an established negative impact in the clinical outcome of dental implants. This work analyses the response of human osteoblastic cells to nicotine, at the surface of plasma-sprayed commercial titanium implants. Human bone marrow (HBM) and Saos-2 cells, seeded on the surface of titanium implants and cultured in experimental conditions favoring(More)
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