Janaina Cintra Abib

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Software Requirements Specification is one of the first phases of system development. This phase results in the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document, which must contain a complete, concise, high-quality description of the system being considered. The quality assurance of SRSs depends strongly on the use of appropriate techniques. This paper(More)
This paper focuses on the Goal-Question-Metric (GQM) approach, which has been proposed as a goal-oriented approach for the measurement of products and processes in software engineering. First, the GQM is characterized, and then, the <i>GQM-PLAN</i> tool, is described. The <i>GQM-PLAN</i> was developed to support the preparation of measuring plans based on(More)
Once Online Social Networks became popular in the last decade, people tend to spend a fair amount of time in the virtual world. As a consequence, real encounters, especially with non-related people tend to not be encouraged or even exciting anymore. Aware that mobile devices become more popular and powerful considering pervasiveness and ubiquitousness, we(More)
In this work we present a set of guidelines to help designers during the activities of interaction design process to support user-centered approaches. The aim is to guide designers in integrating professional, personal and social contexts of the user during the construction phase of applications that are embedded in the user's workflow. These guidelines(More)
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