Jana Zvárová

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OBJECTIVE To establish the effect of chlorinated organic compounds on fertility. DESIGN We analyzed the influence of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and pesticides in follicular fluid on the number of fertilized oocytes, the quality of oocytes and embryos, pregnancy rate, and number of embryos cryoconserved in IVF-ET program. SETTING Department of(More)
Although several genetic factors have been implicated as determinants of blood folate concentration in various populations, their effect on folate status in the Czech population has not yet been examined. We explored whether blood folate concentrations in healthy Czech population are associated with polymorphisms in 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase(More)
BACKGROUND Although insulin resistance and elevated plasma homocysteine are associated with hypertension in adults, the role of these conditions in the initial phase of hypertension is largely unknown. We examined whether insulin resistance and disturbed homocysteine metabolism are present in young adults at the early stages of essential hypertension. (More)
Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are now being developed in many places. More advanced systems provide also reminder facilities, usually based on if-then rules. In this paper we propose a method how to build the reminder facility directly upon the guideline interchange format (GLIF) model of medical guidelines. The method compares data items on the(More)
The paper describes the history of medical informatics in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic. It focuses on the topics of medical informatics education and decision support methods and systems. Several conferences held in Czechoslovakia and in the Czech Republic organized in cooperation with IMIA or EFMI are described. Support of European Union and Czech(More)
OBJECTIVES The data interchange in the Czech healthcare environment is mostly based on national standards. This paper describes a utilization of international standards and nomenclatures for building a pilot semantic interoperability platform (SIP) that would serve to exchange information among electronic health record systems (EHR-Ss) in Czech healthcare.(More)
In medical decision problems it is very important to use the most relevant piece of information for decision making. We focus on a special case of diagnostic decision making when we can measure many symptoms and signs and we have to make diagnostic conclusions. We can state the problem as follows. We can measure symptoms and signs of a patient, denoted by(More)