Jana Zimmermann

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BACKGROUND Coccidiosis caused by protozoans of genus Eimeria is a chicken parasitic disease of great economical importance. Conventional disease control strategies depend on vaccination and prophylactic use of anticoccidial drugs. Alternative solution to prevent and treat coccidiosis could be provided by passive immunization using orally delivered(More)
An in vitro assay system with Eimeria tenella sporozoites was used to study the effects of extracellular calcium and active agents affecting the invasion of parasites into host cells. At concentrations of 900μM Ca2+ and less the invasion rates were distinctly decreased. Ryanodine, a herbal alkaloid known for binding to internal Ca2+ channels (ryanodine(More)
Abstract A partial glossectomy can affect speech production. The goal of this study was to investigate the effect of the presence of a tumour as well as the glossectomy surgery on the patients' production of tongue twisters with the sounds [t] and [k]. Fifteen patients with tongue cancer and 10 healthy controls took part in the study. The outcome measures(More)
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