Jana Whittington

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Technology changes rapidly in the Computer Graphics field and the faculty find themselves continually updating and changing their courses to keep step with current changes in the technology, both in hardware and software. Course consistency in the form of learning objectives and outcomes is an important assessment measure. Many problems can arise in(More)
A genetic theory of handedness, the right-shift theory, associates differential patterns of cerebral functioning with contrasting handedness groups and suggests that individuals with an rs + + genotype will be disadvantaged in mathematical performance. This hypothesis is investigated with contrasting handedness groups drawn from a national sample of over(More)
Effective critiquing is a sound method for assessing, teaching and learning new technology. The processes and techniques that are critical to help students develop and evaluate their technical, aesthetic, written and verbal skills can be implemented at all levels of technical expertise and disciplines. Administering an effective critique does not begin at(More)
Group projects are an important aspect of the unique and evolving discipline of Computer Graphics technology. In the workforce students of computer graphics technology are required to communicate and work effectively with art directors, computer science, business personnel, peers and the public. Simulating the "real life" experience within the group project(More)
Students in a Graphics degree program need a variety of real-world portfolio projects and experience before graduation. One way to incorporate " real world " experiences is through experiential learning (EL) curriculum. Employers want a minimum of three years experience and relevant portfolio work. Real world experience, to employers, often includes not(More)
There is an increasing amount of specific research on children's interactive learning games and the fascination of video games. "The fact that children spend considerable amounts of time playing computer games is a phenomenon that has not gone unnoticed by educators" [Robertson and Good 2005]. This paper explores how an undergraduate Computer Graphics(More)
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