Jana Vašíčková

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This study assessed the physical activity (PA) levels and its variability across days, months and seasons of two groups of high school pupils: those who did and those who did not participate in regular organized after-school physical activity (ASPA). Thirteen pupils wore pedometers continuously for one school-year, logged their step counts into record(More)
The pedometer is a widely used research tool for measuring the level and extent of physical activity (PA) within population subgroups. The sample used in this study was drawn from a population of university students to examine the influence of the monitoring interval and alternate starting days on step-count activity patterns. The study was part of a(More)
A quantitative study on the impact of message content and flow experience Authors: Abstract Due to the rapid technological development in information technologies, and mobile phone industry the usage of smart phone became a new trend consequently leading to more than one billion Smartphone users in the world. One of the most significant characteristic of(More)
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