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Quaternary benzo[c]phenanthridine alkaloids sanguinarine and chelerythrine have been used in folk medicine for their wide range of useful properties. One of their major effect is also anti-inflammatory activity, that is not clarified in detail. This study focused on the ability of these alkaloids to modulate the gene expression of pro-inflammatory tumour(More)
A new centric fusion translocation, rob(16;20), was discovered in a phenotypically normal bull. C-banding revealed the dicentric nature of this centric fusion. This bull is a descendant of a German red pied bull and a Czechoslovakian red pied cow. Its mother and 26 half-brothers had normal karyotypes, indicating that this translocation arose "de novo".
BACKGROUND It has been described that an exposition of males to chemical substances may significantly impoverish quality and quantity of produced spermatozoa. The aim of our study was to test whether the polluted air in the Teplice district has negative effects on the quality of sperm of males living in this district. METHODS AND RESULTS 325 males(More)
Cytogenetic examinations were carried out in 13 cattle farms, two herds of horses, one stag farm and 13 pig farms in areas with different levels of environmental contamination. The frequency of aberrant cells per 100 mitoses was 3.67 +/- 1.89 in pigs (n = 260) and 4.16 +/- 2.4 in herbivores (n = 497). This is a significant difference (p < 0.01). Ten times(More)
Frequencies of chromosomally aberrant peripheral blood lymphocytes and morphologically abnormal spermatozoa were investigated in 10 boars from each of 11 A.I. centres. Highly significant differences were found between A.I. centres concerning both chromosomally aberrant cells and morphologically abnormal sperms. A significant correlation was found for the(More)
In farm production conditions two comparative trials lasting 58 and 128 days were carried out. Acidogenic exposure to acids of silage juices, silage and haylage (lactic acid, acetic and butyric acids) in feed ration ranged from 0.33 to 2.85 mol per 100 kg live weight. It was proved that it was possible to include 9 to 10 litres of silage juices in feed(More)
It is not yet clear whether or not renal function in the living donor can be sufficiently assessed by estimated glomerular filtration rate (GFR) using creatinine-based equations. The present paper investigates the relationship between GFR values determined using renal inulin clearance (Cin) and those estimated using the Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology(More)
The exposure of dairy cattle to genotoxic agents in two districts with different levels of environmental pollution was estimated using cytogenetic analysis of bovine peripheral lymphocytes. The Teplice district represented an industrialized area where the air pollution rate is extremely high mainly in the winter, and the Prachatice district--an agricultural(More)