Jana Trylcova

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Malignant gliomas exhibit abnormal expression of proteolytic enzymes that may participate in the uncontrolled cell proliferation and aberrant interactions with the brain extracellular matrix. The multifunctional membrane bound serine aminopeptidase dipeptidyl peptidase (DPP)-IV has been linked to the development and progression of several malignancies,(More)
Cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) significantly influence biological properties of many tumors. The role of these mesenchymal cells is also anticipated in human gliomas. To evaluate the putative role of CAFs in glioblastoma, we tested the effect of CAF conditioned media on the proliferation and chemotaxis of glioma cells. The proliferation of glioma(More)
Imaging methods based on light detection are being increasingly used for the non-invasive assessment of tumour growth in animal models. In contrast with bioluminescence imaging, there are no studies assessing the use of macroscopic fluorescence imaging for the longitudinal monitoring of tumour (More)
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