Jana Sopková-de Oliveira Santos

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The title compound, C(19)H(20)BrNO(2), consists of a carbazole skeleton with methyl groups at positions 1 and 4, a protecting group located at the N atom and a Br atom at position 6. The pyrrole ring is oriented at dihedral angles of 1.27 (7) and 4.86 (7)° with respect to the adjacent benzene rings. The dihedral angle between the benzene rings is 5.11 (7).(More)
The title compound, C(9)H(14)BNO(2)S, is in an unusual bend conformation and the B atom of one mol-ecule within the crystal forms an inter-molecular dative bond with the N atom of a neighbouring mol-ecule, an infrequent phenomenon in boronic derivative crystals.
The crystal structure of the ®rst reported non-substituted N-methyldioxazaborocane con®rms that the presence of a methyl group attached to the N atom introduces an N3B bond length that is longer than that in a simple dioxaza-borocane ring. The presence of more N atoms in the vicinity of the B atom in the title compound [systematic name:
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