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AGO/RISC-mediated antiviral RNA silencing, an important component of the plant's immune response against RNA virus infections, was recapitulated in vitro. Cytoplasmic extracts of tobacco protoplasts were applied that supported Tombusvirus RNA replication, as well as the formation of RNA-induced silencing complexes (RISC) that could be functionally(More)
Glycine-derivatized polystyrene beads were prepared and used as microcarriers to grow normal cells of human embryonic kidney, rhesus monkey kidney, and human foreskin fibroblasts in suspension cultures. Growth of the cells on polystyrene beads derivatized with other amino acids, peptides, and carboxylic acids also was investigated.
Four non-ribosomal proteins from native 40 S ribosomal subunits with mol.wts. of 110 000, 84 000, 68 000 and 26 000 were phosphorylated in vivo when ascites cells were incubated in the presence of [32P]Pi. The 110 000-, 84 000- and 26 000-dalton proteins are identical with phosphorylated products from native 40 S subunits after phosphorylation in vitro by a(More)
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