Jana Pohlmeyer

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Tadpoles of Occidozyga species have been reported to be carnivorous, feeding on insects and other tadpoles. We present photographic evidence for the previously undocumented larval feeding behavior in O. baluensis. Furthermore, we present a detailed anatomical description of the skull, cranial musculature, and gross gut morphology based on three-dimensional(More)
A simplified 2D mathematical model for tissue growth within a cyclically-loaded tissue engineering scaffold is presented and analyzed. Such cyclic loading has the potential to improve yield and functionality of tissue such as bone and cartilage when grown on a scaffold within a perfusion bioreactor. The cyclic compression affects the flow of the perfused(More)
Motivated by experimental work (Miller et al. in Biomaterials 27(10):2213-2221, 2006, 32(11):2775-2785, 2011) we investigate the effect of growth factor driven haptotaxis and proliferation in a perfusion tissue engineering bioreactor, in which nutrient-rich culture medium is perfused through a 2D porous scaffold impregnated with growth factor and seeded(More)
Participants: R. Beckham, C. J. W. Breward, L. J. Cummings, A. Fillipov, M. Gratton, I. M. Griffiths, M. Kanoria, K. Kilgore, V. Lapin, T-S. Lin, M. Ma, H. Nganguia, J. Pohlmeyer, H. Potter, D. Schwendeman, P. Tandon, M. Taroni, & H. Yaple. 1 University of Texas at Tyler, 2 University of Oxford, 3 NJIT, 4 Corning Inc., 5 Northwestern University, 6(More)
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