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Congenital absence of the portal vein (CAPV) is a rare anomaly in which the intestinal and the splenic venous drainage bypass the liver and drain into systemic veins through various venous shunts. To our knowledge, we have reviewed all 83 cases of CAPV, since first described in 1793. This equates to a rate of almost 2.5 cases per year over the last 30(More)
The size of thymus is variable and depends on age of the individual. Thymus undergoes its maximum development at the time of birth, when it also has the greatest relative weight. The aim of our study was to compare the two ways of expressing the size of the newborns′ thymus, the Thymus index and estimated volume of thymus. The examined group consisted of(More)
The urothelium lines all urinary passages, with exception of the distal portions of the urethra. For the first time the structure of the human bladder was described by Leonardo Da Vinci in 15th century, however, the exact ultrastructure and function of the bladder’s epithelium have not been fully understood. The aim of our study was to investigate the(More)
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