Jana Mayerová

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Novel functionalized adsorbents for CO(2) separation were synthesized by grafting 3-aminopropyl, 3-(methylamino)propyl, or 3-(phenylamino)propyl ligands in the delaminated zeolite ITQ-6. On the basis of the texture parameters determined from nitrogen adsorption isotherms recorded at 77 K and the results of chemical analysis, physicochemical properties of(More)
Mesoporous aluminosilicate adsorbents for carbon dioxide were prepared by the grafting of aluminium into SBA-15 silica using an aqueous solution of aluminium chlorohydrate. As the ion exchange sites are primarily associated with the presence of tetrahedrally coordinated aluminium, extra-framework aluminium on the SBA-15 surface was inserted into the silica(More)
Siliceous SBA-15 mesoporous molecular sieves were functionalized with different amounts of 3-aminopropyl-trimethoxysilane. To obtain a more detailed insight into the material properties of the prepared samples, their textural parameters were combined with results of thermal analysis. Adsorption isotherms of carbon dioxide on parent and functionalized SBA-15(More)
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