Jana Matějů

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BACKGROUND Human dirofilariasis is a zoonotic infection that continues to spread to previously unaffected areas of Europe. In the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic (CR), imported as well as autochthonous canine infections were recorded in the last decade, and parasite DNA was detected in mosquitoes of Aedes vexans. In the present paper, human(More)
INTRODUCTION Alveolar echinococcosis is a life-threatening zoonotic parasitic disease. Its incidence is rare. In some cases, the correct and timely diagnosis can be difficult. CASE REPORT The authors present the case of a young patient with liver, diaphragm and lung involvement. The suspicion of echinococcus infection was made on the basis of medical(More)
liver, lungs, or environment (online Technical Appendix Table 2). CPXV infection may manifest in severe ocular forms along with self-limiting cutaneous pocks (5). Our patient had keratitis with no other identifiable cause but CPXV. Culture and PCR from early conjunctival samples and serology confirmed the etiologic diagnosis. Our case and that of another(More)
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