Jana Masselink

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Metal-ion assisted, gamma-radiation-induced B-Z conformation changes have been observed with UV and circular dichroism spectroscopy for poly (dGdC), calf thymus and herring testis DNA. These conformational changes are similar to those induced by increasing multivalent metal ion concentrations in DNA containing alternating purine and pyrimidine base(More)
Recent models of biological motion processing focus on the articulational aspect of human walking investigated by point-light figures walking in place. However, in real human walking, the change in the position of the limbs relative to each other (referred to as articulation) results in a change of body location in space over time (referred to as(More)
Ultraviolet difference spectra of gamma-irradiated, air-saturated aqueous solutions of DNA bases vs. unirradiated solutions of the same bases are shown to be a very sensitive supplemental tool with which to investigate the yields, postirradiation kinetics, and general nature of DNA base radiation products. Irradiated pyrimidines yield difference spectra(More)
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