Jana Margaret Fowler

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Bilateral and midline symmetry of the normal pelvic anatomy is an aid to the interpretation of computed tomographic (CT) examinations. Following hindquarter amputation (HQA) or partial hemipelvectomy (PHP) the normal anatomical relationships are disturbed. The CT examinations of 15 patients who had undergone either an HQA or a PHP for an advanced(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the proportion of significant abnormalities detected on anteroposterior (AP) and lateral radiographs of the lumbar spine when viewed separately, in a series of cases where the prevalence of abnormalities had been artificially increased. Five radiologists of varying experience were required to report separately on(More)
Twenty-nine patients were given an intraperitoneal transfusion of blood. The procedure was found to be free of serious complications. Study of the absorption of an (51)Cr-labelled cells from the peritoneum in 14 patients showed that between 35 and 100% of the blood was absorbed intact in 6 to 10 days. Intraperitoneal transfusion may be indicated as an(More)
ii This project is dedicated to my supportive and loving family; my husband who always had words of encouragement and motivated me to the end, my children who were understanding when I could not take them to the pool or when " Mom " just had to work, and my parents who lovingly cared for my children when I was in class, conducting research, or studying.(More)
The potential applications of operative laparoscopy have expanded with improvements in technology and instrumentation. With newly developed techniques to complete both pelvic and paraaortic lymph node dissection, the use of the laparoscope has increased in patients with pelvic malignancies. Gynecologic oncologists are currently incorporating the techniques(More)
The elbow is a common site of injury and missed fractures may lead to disability and litigation. An assessment was made of a commercially available desk-top digital contrast enhancement and magnification unit (DETECT system) in a series of 320 patients with an acute elbow injury. Five radiologists of varying experience independently viewed elbow radiographs(More)
A study on the value of a commercially available desk-top digital magnifier-contrast enhancer (DETECT System) was made in a series of 550 patients presenting with an acute wrist injury. Four radiologists, of varying experience, independently reviewed the radiographs on a conventional lightbox and later with the digitizer. In the scaphoid series (350 cases),(More)