Jana M Van Rybroek

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Autosomal-dominant sensorineural hearing loss is genetically heterogeneous, with a phenotype closely resembling presbycusis, the most common sensory defect associated with aging in humans. We have identified SLC17A8, which encodes the vesicular glutamate transporter-3 (VGLUT3), as the gene responsible for DFNA25, an autosomal-dominant form of progressive,(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to determine the developmental anatomy and EYA1 protein distribution in the inner ear of Xenopus laevis. METHODS Xenopus laevis embryos were stained with monoclonal antibodies and imaged with confocal microscopy. RESULTS At stage 27, the otocyst fully forms, with strong tubulin staining of early sensory cells at its ventromedial(More)
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