Jana Görmer

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We present an approach for integrated decision making of vehicle agents in urban traffic systems. Planning process for a vehicle agent is separated into two stages: strategic planning for selection of the optimal route and tactical planning for passing the current street in the most optimal manner. Vehicle routing is considered as a stochastic shortest path(More)
We consider an integrated decision making process of autonomous vehicles in agent-oriented simulation of urban traffic systems. In our approach, the planning process for a vehicle agent is separated into two stages: strategic planning and tactical planning. During the strategic planning stage the vehicle agents constructs the optimal route from source to(More)
In this paper, we present an integrated simulation approach featuring centralized and decentralized traffic management in urban areas. Our aim is to improve traffic flows by dynamic traffic management which is supported by vehicular communication interlinking centralized and decentralized decision making. We focus on traffic state estimation and the(More)
When modeling and simulating agent communities, one is usually interested in the macro effects that result at the system level from the interaction of individuals. However, when developing a scenario, designers need to specify the individual agents' behavior, their communication and organizational structure at the micro-level. Existing agent frameworks(More)
To find the best effective solution of traffic congestion and the problem of coordination among neighboring vehicles we simulate the group oriented driving approach, vehicles form group with their neighbor vehicle by calculating inclusion function to form a group. This paper presents effectiveness of group oriented traffic approach. Result shows that(More)
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