Jana Dvoráková

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Streaming processing of XML transformations is practically needed especially when large XML documents or XML data streams are to be transformed. In this paper, the design of an automatic streaming processor for XSLT transformations is presented. Unlike other similar systems, our processor guarantees bounds on the resource usage for the processing of a(More)
We present an algorithm which analyzes memory requirements of the streaming processing of a given XSLT stylesheet on the set of XML documents defined by a given XML schema. This schema-based analyzer represents an integral part of the Xord framework for the streaming processing of XSLT - it determines the most efficient streaming algorithm for a given(More)
OBJECTIVES Determination of cell numbers is a crucial step in studies focused on cytokinetics and cell toxicity. The impedance-based analysis employing electronic sensor array system xCELLigence System allowing label-free dynamic monitoring of relative viable adherent cell amounts was compared with the most utilized methods for relative quantification of(More)
A single dose of clomipramine, 10 mg i.v., or desipramine, 25 mg i.m., was administered to seven healthy young sibling pairs in a randomized cross-over experiment. The response of serum growth hormone, prolactin and cortisol was measured. The main findings were (1) sex differences in the growth hormone and cortisol response to desipramine and (2) a(More)
Based on its ability to reduce the excitability of the cortex locally, low-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) has been investigated for the treatment of hyperexcitability disorders such as auditory hallucinations and tinnitus. Results are promising, but characterized by only moderate improvement and a high inter-individual(More)
OBJECTIVE The pathophysiologic mechanisms of idiopathic tinnitus remain unclear. Low frequency rTMS applied over the auditory cortex has been proposed as a new and causally oriented treatment approach for pathological conditions with abnormal, increased cortical activity including tinnitus with increased activity in the auditory cortex. However available(More)
Skin exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light evokes a complex stress response in keratinocytes. Keratin filament organization provides structural stability and mechanical integrity of keratinocytes. Involucrin is a transglutaminase substrate protein contributing to the formation of insoluble cornified envelopes. However, a more complex role for keratins and(More)
Mitochondria play a key role in energy metabolism in many tissues, including cardiac and skeletal muscle, brain, liver, and adipose tissue. Three types of adipose depots can be identified in mammals, commonly classified according to their colour appearance: the white (WAT), the brown (BAT), and the beige/brite/brown-like (bAT) adipose tissues. WAT is mainly(More)