Jana Dvořáková

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Skin exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light evokes a complex stress response in keratinocytes. Keratin filament organization provides structural stability and mechanical integrity of keratinocytes. Involucrin is a transglutaminase substrate protein contributing to the formation of insoluble cornified envelopes. However, a more complex role for keratins and(More)
—We present an algorithm which analyzes memory requirements of the streaming processing of a given XSLT stylesheet on the set of XML documents defined by a given XML schema. This schema-based analyzer represents an integral part of the Xord framework for the streaming processing of XSLT-it determines the most efficient streaming algorithm for a given(More)
We present an implementation of the Xord framework for streaming processing of XSLT transformations based on .Net technologies. Within the framework, we implement an efficient streaming algorithm, called the SSXT algorithm, capable to process a significant subset of top-down XSLT transformations. We exactly characterize this class of transformations and(More)
Upland fringes of the White Carpathians (Czech Republic) are known to support grasslands with the world’s highest local plant species richness. We investigated whether this unusually high plant richness has a parallel in snail communities, whether patterns of species composition of snail and plant communities in grasslands co-vary and how they are affected(More)
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