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Severity assessment in laboratory animals is an important issue regarding the implementation of the 3R concept into biomedical research and pivotal in current EU regulations. In mouse models of inflammatory bowel disease severity assessment is usually undertaken by clinical scoring, especially by monitoring reduction of body weight. This requires daily(More)
Severe dry eye syndrome (DES) is a complex disease that is commonly caused by inflammatory and degenerative changes in the lacrimal gland, and can result in severe pain and disruption to visual acuity. In healthy subjects, the ocular surface is continually lubricated by the tear film that ensures that the ocular surface remains moist and free of debris,(More)
The lacrimal gland is located in the upper temporal compartment of the orbita, and along with the ocular surface, eye lids, and sensory and motor nerves forms the lacrimal functional unit (LFU). The LFU is responsible for producing, distributing, and maintaining the tear film in order to maintain a smooth, moist, and regular ocular surface epithelium such(More)
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