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In humans, the relationship between the prenatal testosterone exposure and the ratio of the second and the fourth digits (2D:4D) has been extensively studied. Surprisingly, data on this relationship have thus far been lacking in experimental animals such as rats. We studied the effect of maternal testosterone enhancement during pregnancy on the digit ratio(More)
Mouse monoclonal anti-urine protein 1 antibody and the biotin-streptavid in-peroxidase technique were used for the immunohistochemical demonstration of human protein 1 in prostatic tissue of both sexes. In the female prostate (Skene's gland), like the male prostate, high expression of human protein 1 was observed on the luminal surface and in the apical(More)
The ultrastructure of rat parietal cells of the gastric mucosa was investigated during the twenty-four hours of a day. Male rats were housed at ad libitum feeding under normal light conditions with dark night. The animals were sacrificed at 6.00 h, 12.00 h, 18.00 h and 24.00 h respectively, in groups of 5 animals after standard 24 hours of starvation. From(More)
In the female urethra, the activity and distribution of 15 enzymes was determined by using both conventional and special histochemical methods. The enzymatic equipment differed according to the type of epithelial lining whose variation is characteristic for the female urethra. In the stratified squamous epithelium of the urethra, alkaline phosphatase,(More)
The fluid of female urethral expulsions (female ejaculate), obtained by applying the digital stimulation technique (Grafenberg, 1950; Zavia~i~ et al., 1983b) was analysed in 10 women patients of the 2nd Hospital of Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. In the majority of the patients, collections of the fluid were repeated on different(More)
While hosts are routinely exploited by a community of parasite species, the principles governing host responses towards parasites are unclear. Identifying the health outcomes of coinfections involving helminth macroparasites and microparasites is one area of importance for public and domestic animal health. For instance, it is controversial how deworming(More)
Using rabbit polyclonal antiurinary protein 1 antibody to study the female prostate (Skene's gland) and the male prostate, characteristic localizations patterns appeared in single cells and groups of cells. The majority correspond to cells positive for neuroendocrine markers. In the cytoplasm, cells positive for protein 1 were most frequently found in the(More)
A histological method of staining calcium deposits in organs and tissues is presented. Staining at different pH provides a certain differentiation of the characteristics of calcium deposits. Further findings concern optical properties of the reaction product of staining observed at examination in polarized light, differential interference contrast (OPTON),(More)