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Globalization, Conduct Norms and ‘Culture Conflict’ Perceptions of Violence and Crime in an Ethnic Albanian Context
The paper examines whether violence in contemporary Albania is a structured phenomenon linked to Albanian customary laws, such as the Kanun of Lek Dukagjini, or whether it is a product of socialExpand
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Illicit arms trafficking and the limits of rational choice theory: the case of the Balkans
Organized crime is often conceptualized as a business enterprise formed by actors motivated by profits. The Balkans represents an ideal case for testing the extent to which assumptions about theExpand
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Understanding a 'Culture of Violence and Crime': the Kanun of Lek Dukagjini and the Rise of the Albanian Sexual-Slavery Rackets
This chapter elucidates the nexus between the ancient Albanian legalmoral code, the Kanun of Lek Dukagjini and the 'violent behaviour' of the contemporary Albanian organised crime groups. It exploresExpand
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‘Honourable’ Behaviour and the Conceptualisation of Violence in Ethnic-Based Organised Crime Groups: An Examination of the Albanian Kanun and the Code of the Chinese Triads
Within Albania and China and their respective diasporas, a history of extreme violence, both official and unofficial, is widely accepted but not easily understood from a Western perspective. Over theExpand
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Introduction: women and transnational organized crime
Giulia is a pretty Southern Italian woman in her forties. She has long brown hair, piercing dark eyes, is immaculately dressed in nice clothes and clutches a Louis Vuitton handbag. Francesca isExpand
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From West Africa to the Balkans: exploring women’s roles in transnational organized crime
There is a lack of reliable data on the role of women in transnational organized crime. So far, the focus of this research has overwhelmingly been on the Italian Mafia. Little is known about women’sExpand
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The “G-local” Dimension of Albanian Organized Crime: Mafias, Strategic Migration and State Repression
This paper elaborates on the relation between globalization, migration, and transnational organized crime. The case selected is on ethnic Albanian organized crime and its migration to Western EuropeExpand
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