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Uropathogenic Escherichia coli strains express chromosomal and plasmid-encoded virulence-associated factors such as specific adhesins, toxins and iron-uptake systems. A CoIV plasmid (pRK100) of a uropathogenic strain and its host KS533 were studied. The host strain encodes the K1 capsule, and P and S fimbriae, but neither haemolysin nor the(More)
In a sixty-one-year-old patient with chronic polyarthritis, two life-threatening septic events were observed over a period of 6 months. The patient also had a selective IgG3 deficiency. The susceptibility to infection and chronic polyarthritis observed in this patient were very likely a consequence of the selective IgG3 deficiency.
To further characterize Tn5431, which is composed of Tn3 and Tn1721, DNA sequencing was carried out. It was demonstrated that Tn5431 arose by transposition of Tn3 into Tn1721. Multiple mutations in the Tn3 tnpA gene have occurred, rendering the Tn3 portion of Tn5431 transposition defective and ensuring the simultaneous transposition of the antibiotic(More)
BACKGROUND Severe benzodiazepine overdose can result in coma and respiratory depression that might cause brain hypoxia, necrosis and delayed post-anoxic leucoencephalopathy with permanent neurological sequelae. The aim of this study was to assess the possible role of S100B, a structural protein of astroglial cells, as a biochemical marker of brain injury in(More)
TABLE OF CONTENTS A1 Point-of-care ultrasound examination of cervical spine in emergency departmentYahya Acar, Onur Tezel, Necati SalmanA2 A new technique in verifying the placement of a nasogastric tube: obtaining the longitudinal view of nasogastric tube in addition to transverse view with ultrasoundYahya Acar, Necati Salman, Onur Tezel, Erdem CevikA3(More)
INTRODUCTION The ability to judge intravascular volume is fundamental in the management of patients with severe preeclampsia. Insufficient intravascular volume can result in decreased oxygen delivery to tissues and exacerbates organ dysfunction. On the other hand, fluid excesses can lead to fluid extravasation and pulmonary edema. Outside of pregnancy,(More)
Aortic stenosis is a progressive disease. Symptomatic aortic stenosis has a poor prognosis, which is frequently worse than that of a malignant disease. Cancer patients with severe aortic stenosis may be denied for optimal oncologic treatment because of high operative risk and for aortic valve replacement because of the significant comorbidity itself. In(More)