Janaína P Silva

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Rat liver mitochondria have a specific Ca2+ release pathway which operates when NAD+ is hydrolysed to nicotinamide and ADPribose. NAD+ hydrolysis is Ca(2+)-dependent and inhibited by cyclosporine A (CSA). Mitochondrial Ca2+ release can be activated by the prooxidant t-butylhydroperoxide (tbh) or by gliotoxin (GT), a fungal metabolite of the(More)
A randomized double-blind trial was performed to determine the frequency of positive reactions to the Montenegro antigen (leishmanin) preserved in thimerosal (Merthiolate) 1:10,000 or phenol 0.4%. The respective products were tested separately in 400 young healthy individuals from a non-endemic area for Leishmaniases. Each volunteer received one of the(More)
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