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Demand response (DR) has received significant attention in recent years and several DR programs are being deployed and evaluated worldwide. DR systems provide a wide range of economic and operational benefits to different stakeholders of the electrical power system including consumers, generators and distributors. DR can be achieved through a number of(More)
A large number of potential applications for Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks (WSAN) have yet to be embraced by industry despite high interest amongst academic researchers. This is due to various factors such as unpredictable costs related to development, deployment and maintenance of WSAN, especially when integration with existing IT infrastructure(More)
i Abstract This thesis gives a summary of different faults that occur in district heating substations and suggests ways of detecting them. The aim of the research has been to achieve fault detection using only the heat meter and the sensors connected to it, namely two temperature sensors and one flow meter. The incentive for fault detecting district heating(More)
Heavy machinery in today's process industry is equipped with an increasing number of sensors for control and maintenance purposes. Each sensor is engineered and configured for a dedicated purpose; thus, the data or information provided by each sensor is confined to a specific purpose. Changing this individual approach to a holistic approach for control,(More)
Since April 2014 the Artemis/ECSEL project EMC<sup>2</sup> is running and provides significant results. EMC<sup>2</sup> stands for "Embedded Multi-Core Systems for Mixed Criticality Applications in Dynamic and Changeable Real-Time Environments". In this paper we report recent progress on technical work in the different workpackages and use cases. We(More)
Various forms of cloud computing principles and technologies are becoming important recently. This paper addresses cloud computing for automation and control applications. It's argued that the open Internet cloud idea has such limitations that its not appropriate for automation. Since automation is physically and geographically local, it is inevitable to(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to automation of flexible manufacturing systems with mechatronic intelligence and distributed control. The mechatronic intelligence layer is implemented using a combination of wireless sensor/actuator networks with service-oriented architecture, where services are located at the device level, as well as in local and(More)
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