Jan van Dalen

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Virtual Power Plants (VPP), centrally-controlled systems of interconnected energy sources, are relevant for balancing the electrical grid. VPPs facilitate flexible energy supply through distributed generation, storage capacity and demand response mechanisms. In our research, we study the role of VPPs consisting of electric vehicles (EV) fleets in addressing(More)
Lack of published studies on students' practice behaviour of physical examination skills outside timetabled training sessions inspired this study into what activities medical students undertake to improve their skills and factors influencing this. Six focus groups of a total of 52 students from Years 1-3 using a pre-established interview guide. Interviews(More)
BACKGROUND The role of deliberate practice in medical students' development from novice to expert was examined for preclinical skill training. METHODS Students in years 1-3 completed 34 Likert type items, adapted from a questionnaire about the use of deliberate practice in cognitive learning. Exploratory factor analysis and reliability analysis were used(More)
Studies of doctor-patient communication generally advocate a partnership communication style. However, in Southeast Asian settings, we often see a more one-way style with little input from the patient. We investigated factors underlying the use of a one-way consultation style by doctors in a Southeast Asian setting. We conducted a qualitative study based on(More)
Challenges with energy provision due to intermittent renewable energy sources can be addressed with information systems in smart energy markets. One specific solution is virtual power plants (VPP) of electric vehicles (EV). The operation of the VPP is agent controlled, so that cars are charged when market prices on the wholesale market signal excess(More)
  • Valerie van den Eertwegh, Cees van der Vleuten, Renée Stalmeijer, Jan van Dalen, Albert Scherpbier, Sandra van Dulmen +1 other
  • 2015
CONTEXT Competency-based education is a resurgent paradigm in professional medical education. However, more specific knowledge is needed about the learning process of such competencies, since they consist of complex skills. We chose to focus on the competency of skilled communication and want to further explore its learning process, since it is regarded as(More)
We investigate the effects of adding procurement information (component offer prices) to a sales-based economic regime model, which is used for strategic, tactical, and operational decision making in dynamic supply chains. The performance of the regime model is evaluated through experiments with the MinneTAC trading agent, which competes in the TAC SCM(More)