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The effect of mood, the common cold, amount of sleep, and sunshine on recurring herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection was investigated using daily self-reports over a 3-month period from 23 female and 15 male patients with genital herpes and 26 female and two male patients with oral herpes. Results showed recurring genital HSV infection to be preceded by(More)
The parents of 55 10-year-old children answered questionnaires concerning 51 elements of potential relevance to voice function such as vocal habits, speech and language development, medical history, social history, physical environment and family relations. In addition, personality profiles of each child were assessed by its teacher and parents. The results(More)
Self-ratings with respect to headache and five mood dimensions were obtained twice daily from five patients suffering from migraine and six patients suffering from muscle-contraction headache during a mean period of 47.9 days (range: 38-61). The data were analysed by multiple regression, with the rated headache as dependent variable. Different time(More)
Remarkable correspondences between ganzfeld mentation and target content have been reported since the start of ganzfeld experiments in parapsychology. These correspondences may be due either to some form of anomalous information transfer (e.g., telepathy) or to a cognitive illusion on the part of the perceiver. This paper presents 4 studies conducted in(More)
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