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This article describes requirements and challenges of cross-platform multi-touch software engineering, and presents the open source framework Multi-Touch for Java (MT4j) as a solution. MT4j is designed for rapid development of graphically rich applications on a variety of contemporary hardware, from common PCs and notebooks to large-scale ambient displays,(More)
Large public events such as sporting events, concerts, fairs and street festivals are quite common in metropolitan areas. Because of the high frequency of such events and the increasing number of involved parties, the stakeholders responsible for the organization and execution have to cope with increasing complexity and shortening time frames for planning(More)
In this work, we discuss the diffusion of federated identity management. We base our research on Roger'sdiffusion of innovation theory,and derive generic factors influencing the diffusion of federated identity management solutions. To validate our model and investigate specific contributions of parameters in specific usage scenarios, we investigate market(More)
In a WWW environment, users need to come up with passwords for a lot of different services, e.g. in the area of e-commerce. These authentication secrets need to be unrelated if the user does not want to make himself vulnerable to insider attacks. This leads to a large number of passwords that a user has to generate, memorize, and remember. This password(More)
In recent years, natural disasters and terrorist attacks have been quite numerous, and broadly reported in the media. The tourism industry has been especially impacted by these emergencies. In order to mitigate the effects of such events, guaranteeing an adequate level of preparedness is essential. However, despite the extreme disrupting events that(More)
Privacy in computerized environments is perceived very differently depending on the respective point of view. Often " privacy enhancing technologies " – initiated by the user, as a measure of self-defense – are seen as conflicting with business goals such as cost-efficiency, revenue assurance, and options for further business development based on existing(More)
Electronic services such as virtual communities or electronic commerce demand user authentication. Several more or less successful federated identity management systems have emerged to support authentication across diverse service domains in recent years. In this paper, we explore the determinants for success and failure of such systems with a focus on(More)
In diesem Beitrag wird einSystementwurfvorgestellt, derauf Basisvon plattformunabhängig implementierterM ulti-Touch-Technologie dieK oordination dera nG roßveranstaltungen beteiligtenParteienu nterstützt unds odie Grundlagen füre inen proaktiven Umgang mitN otfällenb ereitstellt. Darüberh inausk annd ie erhobene Datenbasisauchoperativzur Behandlung vonN(More)