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Overwintering adults of the spruce bark beetle, Ips typographus (L.) showed an unusually complex sugar/polyol cryoprotectant system. The major components of the multiple system were: glucose (177.6 mmolL(-1), March); trehalose (175.0 mmolL(-1), December); sorbitol (147.9 mmolL(-1), January); mannitol (81.2 mmolL(-1), March); and erythritol (40.7mmolL(-1),(More)
The content of urea in milk was studied as a parameter of dairy cow nutrition. It is possible to use for the analysis whole milk where the values are lower by 5.96% than in defatted milk (this fact must be borne in mind when the results are interpreted). Protein can be removed from whole milk within 24 hours after sampling provided that it was placed in a(More)
Segmenting a web page may be one of initial steps of information retrieval or content classification performed on that page. While there has been an extensive research in this area, the approaches usually focus either on performance or quality of the results. Vision based segmentation is one of the quality focused methods, which are considerably slow. This(More)