Jan Wolter

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Several modeling domains make use of three-dimensional representations, e.g., the " ball-and-stick " models of molecules. Our generator framework DEViL3D supports the design and implementation of visual 3D languages for such modeling purposes. The front-end of a language implementation generated by DEViL3D is a dedicated 3D graphical structure editor, which(More)
The implementation of three-dimensional visual languages requires a wide range of conceptional and technical knowledge on issues for 3D graphics and textual language processing. Our generator framework DEViL3D incorporates such knowledge and supports the design of visual 3D languages and their implementation from high-level specifications. Such 3D languages(More)
Visual Languages (VLs) are beneficial particularly for domain-specific applications, since they can support ease of understanding by visual metaphors. If such a language has an execution semantics, comprehension of program execution may be supported by direct visualization. This closes the gap between program depiction and execution. To rapidly develop a VL(More)
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