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A Sagnac interferometer with a section of a polarization maintaining side-hole fiber for multiparameter measurement is proposed. The sensor was experimentally demonstrated to be sensitive to torsion, temperature, and longitudinal strain, simultaneously. The birefringence in the investigated side-hole fiber is induced simultaneously by the elliptical shape(More)
We report on an experimental analysis of stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) in a 20-m-long highly birefringent microstructure fiber for sensing applications. In particular, an experimental setup based on Brillouin optical frequency-domain analysis, operating at a wavelength of 1550 nm, has been employed in order to analyze the distribution of Brillouin(More)
We report what we believe to be the first highly symmetric first-order IR femtosecond laser fiber Bragg gratings within the telecommunications C band in free-standing optical fiber, fabricated with a relatively low NA lens and without use of oil immersion techniques. This grating features the smallest dimensions for a point-by-point fiber grating reported(More)
We designed, manufactured and characterized two birefringent microstructured fibers that feature a 5-fold increase in polarimetric sensitivity to hydrostatic pressure compared to the earlier reported values for microstructured fibers. We demonstrate a good agreement between the finite element simulations and the experimental values for the polarimetric(More)
The effect of silicon concentration and annealing temperature on terbium luminescence was investigated for thin silicon rich silicon oxide films. The structures were deposited by means of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition. The structural properties of these films were investigated by Rutherford backscattering spectrometry, transmission electron(More)
An optical refractometer based on a birefringent (Hi-Bi) fiber Bragg grating (FBG) written in a new H-shaped fiber structure is proposed. This structure is formed by opening the two holes of a side-hole fiber using chemical etching. When the Hi-Bi FBG is immersed in different liquids, different responses of the slow and fast wavelengths are obtained. The(More)
We report on the design of a novel flexible very large mode area photonic crystal fibre for short pulse high peak power fibre laser and beam delivery applications. This fibre has an extremely large mode area exceeding 2500 microm(2) when kept straight and over 1000 microm(2) when bent over a 10 cm radius at a wavelength of 1064 nm. In addition our fibre(More)
We describe the integration of optically pumped silicon nanocrystals (Si-ncs) embedded in SiO(2) with low loss silicon nitride slab waveguides. An emission waveguide containing Si-ncs with a broad band emission centered at 850 nm, together with a low loss transmission silicon nitride waveguide forms a two section device. The waveguides are fabricated via(More)
We present an experimental analysis of polarization and intermodal noise-seeded parametric amplification, in which dispersion is phase matched by group velocity mismatch between either polarization or spatial modes in birefringent holey fiber with elliptical core composed of a triple defect. By injecting quasi-CW intense linearly polarized pump pulses(More)