Jan Wilhelm

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The entropic force exerted by the Brownian fluctuations of a grafted semiflexible polymer upon a rigid smooth wall are calculated both analytically and by Monte Carlo simulations. Such forces are thought to play an important role for several cellular phenomena, in particular, the physics of actin-polymerization-driven cell motility and movement of bacteria(More)
Living cells are soft bodies of a characteristic form, but endowed with a capacity for a steady turnover of their structures. Both of these material properties, i.e. recovery of the shape after an external stress has been imposed and dynamic structural reorganization, are essential for many cellular phenomena. Examples are mechanical properties of tissue,(More)
We calculate the storage modulus of a solution of semiiexible polymers in the plateau regime using a tube model that takes the eeect of nite polymer length into account. For experimentally relevant parameters the result shows the previously obtained scaling behavior. Our calculation allows a prediction for the absolute value of the modulus which is found to(More)
We develop an analytical and quantitative theory of the tube model concept for entangled networks of semiflexible polymers. The absolute value of the tube diameter L perpendicular is derived as a function of the polymers' persistence length lp and mesh size xi of the network. To leading order, we find L perpendicular = 0.31xi 6/5 lp (-1/5) , which is(More)
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