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Although Nd:YAG laser photoresection of endobronchial lung tumor can result in significant arterial oxygen desaturation, oxygen supplementation during procedures is often limited due to fear of intrabronchial combustion. We gave intermittent pulse supplemental oxygen to ten patients during 26 laser procedures performed under local anesthesia using SaO2(More)
Regional ventilation-perfusion ratios have been determined in 12 healthy subjects, 16 patients with pulmonary embolism, and 22 patients with chronic obstructive lung disease. The ventilation-perfusion ratios were determined from xenon-133 ventilation studies and 99-tc-m-labeled particle perfusion scans, using either the fractional exchange of air or the(More)
PURPOSE The D allele of the insertion/deletion (I/D) polymorphism of a 287-bp sequence in the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) gene has been associated with an increased activity of this enzyme. Its role in susceptibility to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) has not been well defined. We hypothesized that ACE I/D genotype in pediatrics is(More)
In recent years there have been Pertussis outbreaks not seen in the last 50 years affecting adults, adolescents and children and causing deaths in young unvaccinated infants. In Chile an outbreak of Pertussis started in year 2011, leaving 16 infants less than 3 months dead during this year, twice the number seen in a non epidemic year. These children were(More)
We present ab initio calculations of the local current density j(r) as it arises in dc-transport measurements. We discover pronounced patterns in the local current density, ring currents ("eddies"), that go along with orbital magnetism. Importantly, the magnitude of the ring currents can exceed the (average) transport current by orders of magnitude. We find(More)
We present a modification of the standard electron transport methodology based on the (non-equilibrium) Green's function formalism to efficiently simulate STM-images. The novel feature of this method is that it employs an effective embedding technique that allows us to extrapolate properties of metal substrates with adsorbed molecules from quantum-chemical(More)
Dengue was first diagnosed on Easter Island on year 2002 and thereafter recurrent outbreaks have occurred involving different serotypes of dengue virus. Its vector, Aedes aegypti has not been eliminated despite the small size of the island. Conditions at the local hospital preclude adequate management of severe and hemorrhagic cases due to the absence of a(More)
C58 fullerenes were adsorbed onto room temperature Au(111) surface by low-energy (~6 eV) cluster ion beam deposition under ultrahigh vacuum conditions. The topographic and electronic properties of the deposits were monitored by means of scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM at 4.2 K). Topographic images reveal that at low coverages fullerene cages are pinned(More)