Jan Werth

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Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder distinguished by repetitive absence of breathing. Compared with the traditional expensive and cumbersome methods, sleep apnea diagnosis or screening with physiological information that can be easily acquired is needed. This paper describes algorithms using heart rate variability (HRV) to automatically detect sleep apneas as(More)
The use of a clinical utility index (CUI) was proposed in order to compare two calcium channel alpha2delta ligands that were in development for the treatment of insomnia. The important attributes included in the CUI were two measures of residual sedation and five measures of efficacy (wake after sleep onset, sleep quality, sleep latency, and sleep stages(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous work in an academic setting has found that scoring in the higher ranges for selected personality disorders on an objective assessment tool was associated with increases in psychiatric co-morbidities, decreased satisfaction with health care, and diminished health related functional status. This study examines how often patients in primary(More)
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