Jan Walford-Moore

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Genetic nurses and counsellors work as part of the professional team providing clinical genetic services from regional centres in the United Kingdom. The education and training needs of genetic nurses and counsellors have not previously been formally identified. The guidelines presented have been devised to equip practitioners to fulfil their professional(More)
The United Kingdom (UK) is comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the current population is approximately 62 million (Office for National Statistics 2012). Healthcare, including genetic services and appropriate testing, is provided to all citizens free at the point of service, via a National Health Service (NHS) funded through(More)
The role of the genetic nurse has evolved historically with the emergence of clinical genetics in the field of health care. During 1994, a Practice Working Party was convened by the Genetic Nurses and Social Workers Association in response to discussion about the role of the nurse within and between regional genetics centres. The Working Party conducted a(More)
We report a pair of siblings whose common clinical features of cleft palate, hypoplastic auditory meati and preauricular skin tags suggest the common inheritance of an autosomal recessive gene despite the findings between the siblings of disparate clinical features involving the central nervous and skeletal systems.
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