Jan Waldmann

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This paper describes a measuring system developed to investigate time-variant impedances. The initial points for the development of the measuring system were investigations on coaxial /spl lambda//4-resonators. At a frequency close to the fundamental resonant frequency of the resonator, plasma can be generated at the tip of the inner conductor, operating(More)
The proposed setup is intended to support vehicle emission measurements as an additional method since there are sometimes differences between detector readings and impressions on a listening person, depending although on the specific radio receiver, of course. This subjective audio test setup is capable of determining electromagnetic interferences in the(More)
The activity vs. pH profile for the oxidation of ferrocytochrome c by purified cytochrome oxidase (ferrocytochrome c:oxygen oxidoreductase, EC was investigated as a function of ionic strength (from 10 to 200 mM) in the absence and in the presence of various perturbants: Tween 20, linear polyanions (RNA, heparin, polyglutamic acid) and phospholipids(More)
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