Jan Voet-van-Vormizeele

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The plant ethylene receptor ETR1, which shows substantial sequence homology to typical bacterial histidine kinases, is involved in the coordination of several growth and development processes. Fluorescence polarization studies presented here demonstrate a specific interaction of ETR1 with the histidine-containing transfer protein AHP1, supporting the idea(More)
Perception of the phytohormone ethylene is accomplished by a small family of integral membrane receptors. In Arabidopsis, five ethylene receptor proteins are known, including ethylene resistant 1 (ETR1). The hydrophobic amino-terminal domain of these receptors contains the ethylene-binding site while the carboxyl-terminal part consists of a histidine kinase(More)
Ethylene responses in plants are mediated by a small family of membrane integral receptors including the ETR1 gene product which are similar to the two-component bacterial histidine kinase regulators. Detailed biochemical and structural analysis of the ethylene-receptor family was hampered by the scarce amount of pure protein. Here, we report the(More)
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