Jan Vanfleteren

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In this work, the design of flexible and stretchable interconnections is presented. These interconnections are done by embedding sinuous electroplated metallic wires in a stretchable substrate material. A silicone material was chosen as substrate because of its low stiffness and high elongation before break. Common metal conductors used in the electronic(More)
The distribution patterns and genetic structure of the Pellioditis marina species complex in Belgium and The Netherlands were compared between four consecutive seasons. Different types of habitats (coast, estuary, semi-estuary and lake) with different degrees of connectivity were sampled. In addition, each habitat type was characterised by either temporal(More)
The Musical Synchrotron is a software interface that connects wireless motion sensors to a real-time interactive environment (Pure Data, Max/MSP). In addition to the measurement of movement, the system provides audio playback and visual feedback. The Musical Synchrotron outputs a score with the degree in which synchronization with the presented music is(More)
Orientation estimation can be executed by comparing the output of a 3D accelerometer and a 3D magnetometer with respectively gravity and local magnetic field vectors. For this purpose, an unscented Kalman filter was designed and tested. However, accelerometers also measure motion other than gravity, resulting in an error when estimating orientation directly(More)
In the frame of the Flemish Community funded project Bioflex we developed and fabricated an implant for short term (< 7 days) bladder pressure monitoring, and diagnosis of incontinence. This implant is soft and flexible to prevent damaging the bladder's inner wall. It contains a standard flexible electronic circuit connected to a battery, which are embedded(More)
Microfluidic organ-on-a-chip technology aims to replace animal toxicity testing, but thus far has demonstrated few advantages over traditional methods. Mitochondrial dysfunction plays a critical role in the development of chemical and pharmaceutical toxicity, as well as pluripotency and disease processes. However, current methods to evaluate mitochondrial(More)
A wireless body area network (WBAN) consists of a wireless network with devices placed close to, attached on, or implanted into the human body. Wireless communication within a human body experiences loss in the form of attenuation and absorption. A path loss model is necessary to account for these losses. In this article, path loss is studied in the(More)